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Emily Harmon   Writer/Director

Calisto Lemashon   Producer

Paige Hochstatter  |  Director of Photography

Leslie Lawrence  |  Michael

Pierre Washington  Andre

Jabari McCoy  |  Tray



Emily Harmon is a filmmaker dedicated to depicting powerful human stories that explore issues we must address for a better world. Her goal in highlighting these stories is to lift up voices that are often deemed insignificant, thus silenced. She has worked with several non-profits in their efforts to empower communities to fight injustice, locally and globally.

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Calisto Lemashon has a background in media production from film, documentaries, to television and transmedia. He has a deep passion for empowering communities through use of media. He believes that for change to take place, the community has to be involved and mobilized. Calisto is a Fulbright scholar from Kenya, having worked extensively in highlighting human interest stories on various television platforms as well as with community empowerment groups.

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as Michael

Since the start of his 5-year career, Leslie has always been driven by the thought of making a difference through what he's best at, what feels natural, what brings out a bigger and better self. With this passion he's found for the entertainment industry, he’ll push forward in acting and balance out his video editing skills; hoping to hold tight to his drive to work and search for more, whilst building upon his hobbies and forging them into something more.

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as Andre

Pierre was born in Alaska, and grew up in Atlanta around art and the military. He bounced
around a lot after turning 10 but always kept music close. He had to put on a different face in each city he moved to. This is one of his motivations to act. And, his father. "I always wanted to perform but I have severe stage fright, which is how I knew music
wasn't going to work, but when I get to act I can just be in the moment." He believes you must take care of your mind, body, and spirit and art helps with
all three. 

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as Tray

Jabarie began acting at an early age in commercials and short films. He is homeschooled and enjoys history and science. Jabarie's favorite sports are soccer and basketball. He spends his spare time playing the piano, solving the Rubik's cube, and reading a good mystery book.

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